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feeling like crap

August 3, 2006

Man, this sucks! What the heck is going on with these cards this year?

Man, im not used to this lossing deal. Maybe we should ask the cubs how it feels to loose long term and go into long loosing streaks.

The only team the freaking cubbies seem to freaking beat is our very own beloved freaking cards. I just don’t get it!

I thought the phillies gave up on the season, whats going on now. We are going to get swept by the phillies and go on another 8 game loosing streak.

The cards might still be in first, but it really sucks to loose like this.

If cincy actually had a good team they would have seized the opportunity by now. They stink worse than the cards. Watch out though, we still got 7 games with the reads. And …gulp….6 games with the cubs.

Im pretty pissed, so that’s it for today’s post, I just cant write anymore.

Next time hopefully you’ll catch me in a better mood.

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