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here we go again!

August 15, 2006


well someone please tell me what in the world is going on here!

by the way, sorry for being out for about two weeks.

i have just been so pissed off lately that i have not had anything to say or just did not want to say anything.

well, now i do. the cardinals, my beloved cardinals, stink! okay, maybe “stink” is not the right word. “mediocre” or “so-so” kind of tell the whole story.

im sick and tired of all of this “we are still in first place, blah, blah, blah”.

you know what, im just hoping the cards fall to 2nd or even 3rd place so they cannot say that stupid phrase anymore. maybe that would light a fire under there millionare butts and get them going.

i dont know what to say anymore, this bunch has me so baffled.

the blame does not belong solely on one part of the team.

here i go: the team sucks, the manager sucks, the general manager sucks, and finally the ownership really SUCKS! ohhh, glad i got that off of my chest.

now, lets got and try to win a series of two shall we? i mean come on, how could you go and get swept by the worst team in the division? the freaking PIRATES!

please dont repeat the pattern. please try not to get swept by the freaking cubbies, just dont.

oh by the way, here come the astros. these guys got no offense, but if they put up a run or two from now on they should win.

i mean, comeon these guys have the best big 3 starters in the national league and possibly the bigs. oswalt, pettite and clemens are dealing right now and they are only 5 games back.

finally, management i have had enough. you said you were going to get some big time free agents last season and that did not happen. then it was stated again in regards to this trading deadline that just passed and that did not happen either.

well, it better happen this offseason dog gone it!

why, because these fans and this great city deserve better, we deserve a world series god damn it!

do you realize how long its been since the cards won a world series. i was not even born. im twenty years old and i have not seen a world series championship im my lifetime.

well, that was my little rant.

still, i say this with just a little optimism; GO CARDS!

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  1. Kady permalink
    October 23, 2007 10:27 pm

    Im just suffin the web when I ckick on this link, and the first thing I read is “The Cardinals Suck” What the heck! If u wanna complain about it, you go out there infront of millions of people and play! The only reason your saying that is b/c u have nothing better to say! So shut up.

    ( if a fire breaks out in the locker room, theyll know where to look first)

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