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Baby Fish

August 29, 2006


so far, 3-0 on the homestand, lets keep that going.

unfortunately, i don’t know how the cards will win today. you know, mark muldoo starting and all. we would need a miracle to win today’s game, hey I believe!

so, we can at least take two out of three right?

wrong, actually we might only win one game and that is the last one because supp is pitching.

the second game of the series, Bipolar Bettie is pitching, so you never know.

if supp is bad, we might even…..gulp…..get swept by the marlins. i really hope this “hunch” that i have does not happen.

by the way, if you did not know, the guy pitching tonight, Olsen, is a left hander so prepare yourself for the worst.

oh crap, when is carp’s turn in the rotation going to come around?

who would of thought this team would be in wild card contension, i mean they are only 3 games behind cincy.

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