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cards flying high…..

September 1, 2006


….and now they are 10 games above the .500 mark.

this team has not been that many games above .500 in about 3 weeks.

just a week ago we were all preaching doom and gloom for this team but how things change in just a week.

by the way, the cards are also ahead of the reds by 5 games now.

warning: i cant believe this is happening, but the b’astros have wone six straight so watch out for them because they are kind of used to late season magic, e.g. the last two seasons.

tonight: we have out ace, cy carp going today. this should be a very good game, maybe even a pitching duel.

why? maybe because zach duke is pitching tonight and he shut out the cardinals last time he faced them and he pitched a complete game. so, watch out, he is a lefty!

C-dunc hit his 15th bomb this season. i said it before and i’ll say it again, this boy can hit!

yesterday’s win clinched the cardinals the series. these two games were very important come-from-behind wins. they looked like the 2004 cards rather than the 2006 cardiac cards.

lets keep that pace boys! he comes the september call-ups.

here are my picks for guys to be called up to the big leagues:

1.anthony reyes-no brainer

2. brad thompson

3. josh kinney

4. john rodriguez

thats all i’ve got for today.

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