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Supp’s On, Albert Mashes…….

September 6, 2006

 pujols hits #44

……will, what’s new?

supp has been on for about the whole second half. he has been really good ever since the all-star break.

for right now, no question about it, the supp man is our number two starter behind cy carp.

he had all of his pitches going yesterday, and he had great location also.

there was’nt much offense, it was just the albert pujols show once again. this hombre is on fire. count’em, five homeruns in 3 games…….unbelievable!

ofcourse, he has to keep this up to gain some ground on ryan howard.

about howard, how many of you are suspecious about him dopping.

you know, hgh or steriods. what do you guys think?

you know what i think, i think that one can not rule anything out of this argument.

i mean, this is this guy’s first season in the major league and he is going to hit 60 dingers and maybe more.

this juiced era has made me suspecious of everyone, and i mean everyone.

today’s game: almost garaunteed win, lets go cy carp!

Supp's On

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