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TLR is an IDIOT!

September 7, 2006

izzy sucks....what's new? 

Period. no doubt about it.

what the heck is going on with tlr? i think he has lost it.

i dont blame Izzy anymore (actually, i still partially blame him)., i blame the manager. he is the guy that keeps trotting him out there in these one or two runs situations.

i think is time for a change. as a matter of fact, i have thought this for a couple of months now.

whats up with tlr staying with old uncapable veterans and not giving anyone else a chance?

i just dont get it. he keeps saying that izzy is the only option but i disagree.

trot looper out there and se what he can do. geez, even try wainwright.

right now, i have more confidence in ham-cock than i do in the izzinator.

im just really pissed. you cant blame carp because everyone has a day off now and then.

please, tlr, make a change! i know the players on this team dont say anything because it would be career suicide, but i know they dont have a grain of confidence in izzy.

still, i think tony will stick with izzy. the only way we are going to get a new closer is if izzy takes himself out of the closer role.

if he is really a team player and wants to win, then he should do it.

if not, then screw him, and crew tony. you know what this whole team has made me bipolar……izzy……marquis…..taguchi……tlr…..etc.

have you noticed that I have sounded angry lately?

dont blame me, blame this mediocre team.

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