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Hey Speezer! (some edmonds talk included)

September 8, 2006


yesterday was the speezer’s day!

the second dinger went farther than the first one.

great game, and thats all im going to say,because honestly, i did not see last night’s game. i only saw the highlights.

now, lets get to jimmy edmonds.

what will the cardinal outlfied look like next season?

in my opinion, you have to bring back jimmy ballgame for one more season if not two.

if he stays or goes, he is going to collect 3 million dollars because of the buyout.

so, the cards would only be saving 7 mill. lets see, can you find a better centerfielder on the free agent market than jim?

i really dont think so. he is the best centerfielder for that price.

 sure the cards can sign vernon wells, but i dont think so.

he would probably demand around 10-12 mill. a year, and the owners wont give him that.

so here is what i propose. buy jimmy out and then give him a one year extenstion worth 3 to 4 mill. so he would make 6 to 7 mill. next year and the team will save 3-4 milliona and can then spend that money on a different postion (2nd base?).

also, i would like to add an option year for the 2008 season for about 4-6 million just incase colby rasmus needs another year of seasoning.

so, in conclusion, i believe we need to keep Mr. edmonds for at least one year and maybe two.

by the way, here are some pictures sent to me by a new reader and an edmonds fan, Vicki. Update: I am having some technical difficulties putting up the picks, so i will leave that to a latter time.

thanks a lot Vicki!

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  1. Vicki permalink
    September 11, 2006 7:29 pm

    Glad to hear someone else besides myself thinks Edmonds should be kept for next season. I hope the shoulder surgery is a huge success and he has his best season ever next year. (assuming he gets past the post-concussion syndrome)

  2. September 12, 2006 12:10 am

    you know what, i hope so too. after he has his shoulder surgery, i have a lot of confidence that he will go back to a form close to the one he had in ’04. i still think jimmy can hit 30 homers a year, hit for a decent average (.270-.280) and drive in rbis (80-100). if he joins another team, i hope he does even better just to prove the cards braintrust wrong.

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