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The roller coaster ride is over!

October 2, 2006

now we shall start another journey, the one we look forward to ever since spring training started.

october is probably my favorite month of the year due to baseball playoffs next to the month of march(spring training, march madness and of course, my birthday).

i love the chill one gets when he/she steps outside and all the brown leaves on the ground and i love october night games that are just amazing to watch win or lose, but preferrably win.

well boys and girls, i know this much right now, the cards are now in the playoffs and they start with a 0-0 record. all they have got to do is win 11 and that it.

look at what the whitesox did last year. they almost collapsed like the cards, their humongous lead got smaller and smaller until it got to 1 and 1/2 games(i think).

they backed into the playoffs, and look what happened to them.

so, i go into this postseason not expecting much, which might lead me to be pleasantly surprised in october.

all i want is another moment like this one pictured below this ocotober:

jimmy homers in 2004 nlcs

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