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NLDS, SD Vs. STL, Game 1 preview

October 3, 2006

carpenter peavy

so, today the playoffs start and the cards take on the padres in a 5 game series. the game will be locally televised on cw 11, first pitch is set for 3:00 p.m. central time.

lets get this thing going shall we, and now the starting lineups:


1. David Eckstein, shortstop
2. Chris Duncan, left field
3. Albert Pujols, first base
4. Juan Encarnacion, right field
5. Scott Rolen, third base
6. Jim Edmonds, center field
7. Ronnie Belliard, second base
8. Yadier Molina, catcher
9. Chris Carpenter, pitcher


1. Dave Roberts, left field
2. Brian Giles, right field
3. Adrian Gonzalez, first base
4. Mike Piazza, catcher
5. Russell Branyan, third base
6. Mike Cameron, center field
7. Geoff Blum, shortstop
8. Josh Barfield, second base
9. Jake Peavy, pitcher

now, the pitching matchups:

cards ace, chris carpenter(0-0) vs. padres ace, jake peavy(0-0)

the cards have their best 2 lefthanded bats in there, edmonds and duncan that add a lot of power to the lineup. one question, why is encarnacion batting cleanup over scott rolen?

maybe because encarnacion has a homer against peavy and scott has struck out 4 times vs. encarnacion’s 1 (i think). overall, the cards have more pop in a couple of their bats versus the consistant hitting of the pads throughout most of their lineup. eckstien is back and so is edmonds, that should help make the lineup more potent.

now, lets get to the padres. their lineup is loaded with lefthanded hitters  that can get on base, steal bases and hit for power. roberts is the guy that gets on base and swipes some, giles is the walk/extra base hit guy. he is not much of a power threat anymore but he will go yard on you of you dont be careful with him. the guy i’m most afraid of is gonzalez. he is a heck of a player with really good power. he is a rookie but he hit .304 with 24 homers and 83 rbi’s this season. it does not get easier because the aging piazza is batting cleanup and if you make a mistake to him he will hit it a long way. this whole lineup is better than ours i would have to admit. these guys can pure hit from the 1st spot of the order until the 8th spot. the only advantage we have is we have a couple of really good hitters with power(pujols, rolen, edmonds and duncan).

The pitching matchup: i hope carp has straightened everything out by now because i dont want him to go out there and give up 6 runs like he did in his last two starts of the season.

peavy, this guy is a great talent. he was not that good this year, but he was still second in the nl in k’s next to smoltz i believe(and he was on the dl for a while, amazing!). sure the cards scored 8 runs off of this guy last time around, but this time he does not have bruised/broken ribs, so its going to be a lot harder especially of he is on his game.

Prediction: this is my gut feeling, i think the cards take this series in 4 games, especially if they win today. i dont know why, but i dont think we will loose this series. carp starting two games if need be helps out as will(he can start game four on full rest if the cards are facing elemenation). so, cards in 4 or 5 games, but my gut tells me 4.

schedule for the series:

Game Matchup Day Date Time ET TV
Gm 1 STL @ SD Tue Oct. 3 4 pm ESPN
Gm 2 STL @ SD Thu Oct. 5 4 pm ESPN
Gm 3 SD @ STL Sat Oct. 7 TBD
Gm 4* SD @ STL Sun Oct. 8 TBD
Gm 5* STL @ SD Mon Oct. 9 TBD
* – if necessary

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