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October 3, 2006


I just read this on VEB,

“in case you haven’t heard, jason marquis is on the playoff roster; anthony reyes isn’t. should have seen this one coming . . . . . obviously they’ve already decided to go with three starters in this series, with weaver going on short rest in game 5. if we assume that’s the case, and that neither reyes nor marquis would have gotten a start under any circumstances, then the surprise sunday outing for reyes — he didn’t even know he was going to pitch until he got to the ballpark — must have been intended as a simulated “bullpen appearance.” tony/dave weren’t looking for a starter, they were looking for a reliever — and they wanted to see how reyes would respond when called into a game on short notice. reyes failed the test, so they went with marquis, who has experience coming out of the pen.”

what the heck is going on here, i dont know what to say, i’m speechless. well, not really, this is all a bunch of BS. how is reyes, the strikeout flatbilled high socks kid not on the roster.

i thought tlr and dunc want to go into the nlds with the “best team”. well, this is not the best team, but far from it.

i dont care if reyes gets blown out, of injured or whatever.  he is the guy you will have for the next six years, and he needs some playoff experience this year so next time when he pitches in the playoffs he wont make “rookie” mistakes. if he does not pitch now, then when. also, reyes can strike people out, that is his nature and that is what this team needs for the playoffs. they just dont have enough of those guys.

the most hardheaded pitcher i have ever seen, bipolar bettie, is not going to be in a cards uniform next season.

i have said what i got to say, thats all i can do.

to me, this is one of the dumbest moves ladunc have ever made.

Notes: thanks lboros for the info, much appreciated. you always do great work.

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