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You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

October 3, 2006


Hello, this is Cards4life’s brother, redbirdfan. He likes Jim Edmonds, I like Albert Pujols. We share a love for the game of baseball and both love and follow the St.Louis Cardinals very closely.

Now, lets get down to business. I’ve been hearing a lot about how the cardinals suck and I agree they won the central division by default. I love this team and will not give up until the last out.

 This Year its different, before we had a lot of expectations for the team, now its like no one cares and thinks that the Padres will sweep the Cards. I’m here to say no, mang! I beleive they can play with the best in the National league and don’t count them out. After all, the Padres aren’t all that. If we can get past the Padres we will face either the Dodgers or the Mets. The Dodgers were swept by the cards this season and the Mets’ pitching is beat up.

So, all you fans out there believe in your team and let’s go for the gold.

This is redbirdfan signing off from San Diego. (Not really, I wish)

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