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NLDS, SD vs. STL, Game 2 Preview

October 5, 2006

Weaver Wells

game two against the padres today.

its weavs against turkey neck wells, that a great matchup is’nt it?

everyone in baseball will tune in.

i dont get it, why is weavs starting today instead of supp? it does not make any sense to me whatsoever. so what supps is a lot better at home, so is carp. carp is around two earned runs better at home than he is on the road.

well, then you say that carp is our best pitcher. i can use the same technique, well, supp is our second best pitcher so he should get the second start.

also, who would you rather have pitching a game 5 with the season on the line, weaver or suppan.

personally, i would choose supp and that is a no brainer for me.

if weaver pulls it off and we get a win, and quote me on this….”i’m wrong, and tony made the right call”….but if weavs goes out and blows up, then my premised would look great.

now, some good news, jimmy drama is in the lineup. you ask, “why, i thought tony sits jimmy whenever a left hander is starting, postseason or regular season?”

well, jimmy has some pretty good numbers against wells career wise even though he did not fair very well against lefties at all.

here is his line: 11 for 35, .314 avg., with something like, 2 or 3 doubles and 3 or 4 homers with 2 or 3 walks and around 5 k’s.

i know, i know, i’m not very precise. i call that being lazy, i just heard it on the radio and tried to memorize it. did not do a very good job i geuss, but you get the idea. jimmy has done very well against wells. i doubt he will bat cleanup again though. probably will be hitting 5th or 6th.

here is the lineup i predict tony will trot out there since i could not find an official lineup anywhere:

david eckstien, ronnie belliard, albert pujols, scott rolen, preston wilson, jim edmonds, juan encarnacion, yadier molina, jeff weaver

this is purely speculation on my part, but thats my best guess.

lets see, also, C-dunc will not be starting today, P-dub gets the call, sense that is what they brought him over here to do, to hit lefties.

i dont disagree with that notion, im kind of neutral. we will see how that goes.  i just hope we can hit a lefty for once and for weaver to pitch at least six innings with allowing no more than three runs. if he does, i dont know who is going to close the gap between him and wainwright. i dont trust any of those guys in the ‘pen.

well, thats all i’ve got for you today, probably more to come later on today.

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