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NLDS, SD vs. STL, Game 3 Preview

October 7, 2006

supp pic piazza

today’s game is the 3rd game of the nlds and the cards can move on to the nlcs with a win.  this would also be a sweep of the padres.

also, if they do win today, the cards would have won nine playoff games against SD in a row going back to the 1996 nlds and of course last year, and if it happens, this year.

chris young, a tall towering lefthander (he is 6’10”, he should’ve been a basketball player). last time he faced the cards, last week i believe, he shut the cards down for seven innings with no runs.

the silver lining is that many of the cards batters do not have many atbats against him. eckstein has the most atbats against him with six. the cards have faced him a total of 29 atbats, with a .133 batting average.

thats not bad for 29 at bats, and guess who has a hit against him; well you know its pujols, eckstien, billiard amd rolen. thats it for the cards.

i’m assuming that edmonds and duncan will not start and come off the bench. as you might’ve already guessed, i dont like that. i think edmonds should start every game even if he cant hit lefties.

this is the playoffs, so just drop him down in the lineup and let him play his defense. its worth it because every run jimmy saves is magnified because this is the playoffs.

also, you never know, jimmy kind of finds himself in big situations and he has the nack for getting the big hits(thats why one of his nicknames is jimmy drama).

if supp pulls this off because they have killed him in the past. the SD lineup is batting .335 with 12 homeruns and 35 rbis.  that is of course from 182 atbats against him.

the x-factor of the padres lineup is mike piazza, if supp can get him out, then he should be fine……should i said……

piazza is hitting .471 with 5 homers, 10 rbis, 8 hits in 17 at bats.  so, like i said earlier, supps must get piazza out and the rest of the lineup will be a lot less dangerous.

i say the cards pull this one out in exciting fashion. if my hunch turns out to be wrong, we still have another chance with carp going sunday.

i dont want it to go that far because we need carp to pitch the first game of the nlcs, so it would be great if the cards get it done tommorrow.

finally, GO CARDS!

chris young

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  1. October 12, 2006 10:49 pm

    oops, made a mistake. i got some brain cramps and thought that young is a lefty, my bad. disregard that part about not starting jimmy and c-dunc.

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