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October 10, 2006

pond scum 

so its a 3peat cards nation, how do you feel? im guessing better than ever.

well, me too. i had very low expectations for the cards when they entered the playoffs.

in fact, for a week or so, i did not think that they were going to make it, but look where they are now.

they are in the nlcs playing against the pond scum, the new york metrosexuals.

first thing is first, here is the schedule for the nlcs:
Gm 1 STL @ NYM Oct. 11 8 pm FOX / FX
Gm 2 STL @ NYM Oct. 12 8 pm FOX
Gm 3 NYM @ STL Oct. 14 4 pm FOX
Gm 4 NYM @ STL Oct. 15 7:30 pm FOX
Gm 5* NYM @ STL Oct. 16 8 pm FOX
Gm 6* STL @ NYM Oct. 18 4 pm FOX
Gm 7* STL @ NYM Oct. 19 8 pm FOX
* – if necessary

now, the pitching matchups:

game 1: jeff weaver vs. tom glavine

game 2: jeff suppan vs. john maine

game 3: chris carpenter vs. steve trachsel

game 4: anthony reyes/jason marquis* vs. olivir perez

*if marquis starts game 4, i will go ballistic, i would go crazy, i will be out of my mind i tell you. they better start reyes or else(i’m not really going to do anything except bitch and moan and that kind so stuff). sidenote: why would marquis even be on the playoff roster, dunc said that they are still deciding, well they better not be and the decision better be reyes.

also, i would rather have chris narveson because he is left handed. he can come in as a short reliever or as a multiple inning reliever, plus the mets are stacked with left handed power bats(mainly delgado and beltran-he is a switch hitter but has a lot more power from the left side).

so, I’ll be back tommorrow for the game 1 preview, have a great day (and try to tune in and watch at least some of the ALCS because that series looks to be a great one).

pond scum2

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