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NLCS, NYM vs. STL, game 1 preview

October 11, 2006

NLCS, cards vs. mets(2006) 

time to get this show on the road, let’st play ball!

game 1: jeff weaver(RHP) vs. tom glavine(LHP)

i think this series is going to be a shoot out. the only way to beat the mets is to contain the mets because i dont believe the that cards pitching can stop them(except for carp).

these starters are going to give up a lot of runs, so its who gets more.

during the series with the padres, after the cards scored 4 runs in one inning, you would think that the game was over.

that does not apply to the mets, if we score, they might come back and score twice that much.

the bullpen needs to pitch just as good if not better against the mets. these guys can hit the curveball/offspeed stuff so watch out kids.

the padres lineup could not hit a curveball if their lives depended on it, all they were doing was looking for fastballs.

not this mets lineup, these guys can hit; especially delgado, wright and beltran. the lefty relief corp is really going to be important this series.

first off, to pitch to delgado and try to contain him. secondly, to make beltran bat righthanded because he is not nearly as good of a hitter from the right side and also has less power from that side.

the bottom line is, the lineup is potent, one through5-6 and the rest of the guys are good also. if this chavez guy gets on, he can fly like dave roberts. so yadier is going to have to use his cannon for an arm to stop him and also the lightning fast jose reyes.

also, rolen is in the lineup today, at least that what bernie(he also thinks that reyes will get the call for game 4 starter, thank the heavens) and derrick goold think.

glavine is a lefty, as you guys already know, but i still expect jimmy baseball and C-dunc to start, they better be  in the starting lineup. im guessing scott  will bat cleanup because of his career numbers against glavine, there real good. here they are.

so there you have it, let’s get this party started!

Note: I choose a new theme just for the NLCS, hope this helps out the cards.

shea stadium

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