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Rain out!

October 12, 2006

by now, i guess you figured out that yesterday’s game was not played because of heavy rain falling in the nyc.

so, they will play today, and the pitching rotation is retooled to look like this:

game1: weaver vs. Glavine, no changes there, but the whole thing seems to be in the cards benefit because they can start cy carp in game 2 and 6 of the series instead of 3 and 7. also, that gives soupp a home start which is good since he is better at home. also some more good news, reyes made the roster so he is the starter for game 4.

game 2: carp vs. maine, game 3: soup vs. trachsel, game 4: reyes vs. perez.

here is the updated schedule for the nlcs:

Series begins Thursday

Game Matchup Day Date Time ET TV
Gm 1 STL @ NYM Thu Oct. 12 8:19 pm FOX
Gm 2 STL @ NYM Fri Oct. 13 TBD FOX / FX
Gm 3 NYM @ STL Sat Oct. 14 8:05 pm FOX
Gm 4 NYM @ STL Sun Oct. 15 8:15 pm FOX
Gm 5* NYM @ STL Mon Oct. 16 8:19 pm FOX
Gm 6* STL @ NYM Wed Oct. 18 4:19 pm FOX
Gm 7* STL @ NYM Thu Oct. 19 8:19 pm FOX
* – if necessary

one more thing, corey lidle, you may rest im peace. R.I.P. Mr. Lidle:

corey lidlenote: no new game thread, the game 1 preview, the post right below this one will serve that purpose. have a great day and enjoy game 1 of the nlcs.

update(some quick links): 

if your looking for more analysis of this series, check these places out: postion,rotation,and some quick hits. also, if you want to know what went down during the cards/mets season series, here it is.

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