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Moral Victory

October 13, 2006


what can i say? weavs pitched a pretty good game.

i probably would have been on something if i told you that weavs was going to go around 6 innings and only give up 2.

i was not on something because i did not make a prediction, but weavs was pretty damn good yesterday.

he really was doing everything the right way and pitching to batters appropriately (for the most part).

another positive was the bullpen. these guys came in, they got some guys on base, but they did not allow them to score.

so, that was pretty good.

one bad thing, were the hell was the offense? were was albert, rolen, etc.?

first of all, P-Dub should not be batting second especially the way he is hitting. he seems to strikeout every atbat. if tlr wants to play him, he better bat him 6th or 7th in the lineup.

also, did you see a couple of his defensive mistakes? if you look at duncan’s defense that way, they are about the same defensive players, but offensively there is no comparison.

i say start duncan against both righties and lefties. no matter, games 2 and 3 will both be started by right handers.

also, sit scott rolen. he is hurt, he cant play at 100%. so, he is 80% and you want to play him for his defense even if he cant hit. if that is the situation, drop him down in the lineup (right around were i stated wilson should be hitting).

what did you tough and cool(morning grind referrance) mets fans think? you guys said on these internets(including the CD) that weaver was going to get pounded.

well he did not, and his nemesis was not the one that did the damage, it was the cards playoff killer, beltran.

man, i hate that guy.

no matter, we have to win the game today, and moral victories dont count anymore. although, now i trust weaver a lot more than i did before he made last night’s start.

cy carp is pitching so we are going to get a win, but the offense needs to get carp some runs.

albert has to hit, as he goes the cards go, if he does not then we are screwed my friends.

at least walk and let someone drive you in. these guys ahead of pujols need to get on base, especially eckstien, he has been really cold with the stick as of late.

come on you redbirds, let’s get this thing going!

here is what i think the lineup should look like today:

eckstien, duncan, pujols, edmonds, encarnacion, rolen, belliard, molina, cy carp.

sidenote: the old theme is back because the cards lost yesterday, and after a day or so, i could not stand that one. 

have a good day boys and girls, and finally, GO CARDS!


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