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cards take critical game two…..

October 14, 2006

jimmy hits a 2 run homer to tie, game 2, NLCS 

….and tie the series 1-1. the offense was great, the cards got key contributions from people they did not expect to, and they won.

the bad thing was carp was not on yesterday, but thankfully, the bullpen and the offense won the game.

here is my prediction, a little late, but what are you going to do. i say cards in 6 0r 7 games, my gut says 6. to achieve this feat, they must now come home and take 2 of 3 and go back to NY and take one(preferrably game 6, cy carp start).

sure spezio and taguchi had some big hits yesterday, but the man that stands in the shadow is the one who got the cards back in the game, he tied it up. without him, we would of lost the game.

i’m taking about jimmy baseball. he had 5 great atbats yesterday. the first was a walk, which he latter cam in to score on a molina double.

then, he homered to tie the game at 4-4 after the mang walked. in his third at bat i believe he just missed another homer.

his fourth one, it was a pretty good battle. he was productive with his final atbat, advancing pujols to third who latter on scored to give the cards a 2 run lead in the ninth.

i’m telling you, he was the forgotten man(at least i think so), so i had to give him his props.

als, did you see gasolina? unbelievable, 3 hits in one game, and its game 2 of the nlcs.

im guessing molina had a limited amount of hits and he wanted to save some for the post season.

well, the cards come home today to play game 3 at busch. its the weekend so no big pregame post for me. im always lazy on weekends, so this post will have to do.

game 3: jeff suppan vs. steve traschel

cards predicted lineup: eckstien, spezio, pujols, edmonds,encarnacion, wilson, molina, suppan

that’s what i think the lineup should look like. wilson is not hitting so he better be dropped down in the lineup.

the only reason he is in there is because he has pretty good career numbers against trachsel. also, you have got to has speezer’s bat in the lineup. he is hitting great and rolen cant hit.

that’s it boys and girls, hope we get a win tonight.

hope we get another big red W for the weezie company, GO CARDS!

jimmy smacks one out, game 2, nlcs

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  1. Vicki permalink
    October 16, 2006 3:53 pm

    I agree with you. Our Jimmy is the forgotten man. He hit another homer last night even though it didn’t amount to much with the 12 runs the Mets scored. I’m not panicked. We need for Weaver to be “on” tonight and hit the heck out of Glavine. He’s good, but he’s not getting any younger with only 3 days rest.

    Then we have Carp and if needed Supp. My 2 favorite pitchers. Suppan’s my 2nd favorite cardinal other than Jimmy!!!!!!

  2. October 16, 2006 4:01 pm

    think we will have a big advantage today because glavine goes for the mets, but he is on short left and the last time i checked he was around 40 years of age. the mystery is weaver has never pitched as a starter on 3 days rest in his career. i still say the cards win this series. remember this, albert has not hit like he can and the real carp did not show up at shea and the series is tied. what would happen if these two guys show up?

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