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Cards get their butts handed to them by Delgado, Beltran

October 16, 2006

NYM's bash bros. celebrate 

that was not a very good game.

i did not like reyes being pulled, i wanted him to go at least one more inning.

if your going to do that, bring in a left hander to face these guys for god’s sake, they crush right handed pitching(thompson, hancock).

the bullpen blew it, but you had to see this one coming, i mean they have not given up a run(or maybe one, o forget) in the post season, but that was bad.

hopefully, delgado and beltran got those homers out of their system and we can move on now.

i look at it this way, its a best of 3 series now, so there it is boys got get it!

here is another side of my perspective on this series, what have pujols and carpenter done so far in this series?

i would say almost nothing, and yet the series is only tied. i would be very happy if you told me this a week ago today.

now, imagine with me here, if pujols hits like we know pujols can(runners have to get on in front of him though, at least usually) and carp pitches like the cy carp we know and love, we’ve got this series.

at least that is my optomistic view.

now, tonight, its glavine vs. weaver(if the game is not postponed, which i really hope it does’nt get ppd).

if the game gets postponed tonight, it will only help the mets because glavine will go on full rest tommorrow.

that is not good considering what he did to the cards the first time around.

he is a 40(around) year old control pitcher that has to hit his spots to win, i would think he would be at least a little less accurate(i’m hoping a lot) when going on short rest.

also, weaver has never pitched on short rest as a starter in his career, so what dont know whats going to happen with him(at least i dont think he has).

hope the game is played tonight and go cards!

weavs watches game 4 nlcs

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