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Preview: NLCS Game #5

October 16, 2006

Tom Glavine 

okay, today its glavine vs. weaver. For this series, here are the stats:

Glavine: (1-0), 0.00ERA

Weaver: (0-1), 3.16 ERA

Glavine pitched a pretty good game #1 if you ask me and it was all because he was hitting his spots. He reminds me of an older Suppan. Weaver also pitched a great game and exceeded expectations because I thought that he was going to blow up, but instead, he only allowed two runs on a mistake to Beltran.

Hopefully, today (if no rainout) Weaver will be solid again, and Glavine will blow up. I am hoping that Glavine will have a bad game (umpires don’t call his pitches)  and we can capitalize on his mistakes. The mang (albert pujols) needs to produce. But I don’t believe that  its his fault, I mean no one is getting on in front of him. P-Dub is just a bad 2nd hitter because everytime you look up he’s either swinging at the first pitch, a bad pitch, or striking out. This is why Pujols is pressing and trying to pull everything as Ilboros pointed out in Vivaelboros and.

Hopefully, we can take this game and head to New York for game six with our heads up. The bullpen needs to get back on track, yesterdays was horrible. La Russa didn’t want to go with matchups and went with his gut feelings and look what happend. The skipper is just not consistent anymore. I thought he was a matchup guy, but now he’s making me think otherwise. Anyway, we need Weaver to pitch another good game, Glavine to blow up, and for, the bullpen to get back on track.

Good Luck to the Cardinals today, I have a feeling they will need it.

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