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NLCS, game 5 preview NYM vs. STL(addendum)

October 17, 2006

The Mang 

today is the day the cards finally get to play game five of the nlcs.

finally, it seems like i have been waiting for a week to get this game going. its still pretty cloudy in the stl(and maybe the ill side also), but i hope the rain stays away, or is very light so they can get this game in.

we are back to the top of the order, game 5 its:

weaver vs. glavine

as i have stated earlier, i have a lot more confidence in weavs (nicknamed The Nightmare by athooks at the cd) than i did a couple of weeks ago, even a week ago(there, i jinxed him).

he seems to be straightened out under the guidance of the miracle man dave duncan. i hope that continues.

now, as for glavine, what can you say? he is a 40 year old control pitcher and he is lefty. he is also very good as you might of heard.

i just hope he is off his game tonight, because if he does not hit his spots, he will get hit hard because he cant blow people away.

lets just hope for the best.

now, the mang is said to have a really sore/pulled hamstring. i think tlr and the crew is exaggerating a little too much. why would anyone tell this to the other team? im not going to go into detail but lboros at VEB has all the info you need to know.

personally, i think this stuff is a mind game. if the mets pitch pujols the same way they did the first four games, that fine. the benefit comes if the mets actually think pujols is really hurt and cannot generate power, then and only then they might actually throw him legitimate strikes that he can handle(take out of the park).

its a no risk-high reward situation.

here is my predicted lineup for this game:

eckstien, taguchi, pujols, encarnacion, rolen, edmonds, billiard, molina and weavs


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