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Cy Carp shuts down the cheetahs(cheaters/tigers)

October 25, 2006

carpenter pitches world series gem 

spectacular start by carp, if people around the nation did not know how good chris carpenter really is, they do now.

this guy was dominent, i dont think he had a three ball count all night, to all the 26 men that he faced.

he only game up 3 hits, 2 of theme to casey,  which is a guy that hits carp pretty good, but both of his hits were singles. he only allowed one runner to get to third base. he also waked no one. also, i believe he threw around 86 pitches and pitched 8 complete innings(only 86!). that was just amazing, this is the carpenter that the mets did not see.

now, the unsung hero, jimmy ballgame. the guy people say can not hit lefthanders.

well, he did last night. he got the most important hit of the game, a two out double down the right field line to take the goose egg off of the score board and proved carp and B-loop with all the runs they would need to win the game.

zumaya’s error was just icing on the cake.

on another note, what’s up with this guy, keith law of espn. i never refer to this because usually this cause seems to be over stated, but not this time.

whats up with this guy? even when the cards outright win the game, without the tigers help, he gives them absolutely no credit at all. what does this guy have against our cards?

i really dont know, but this guy needs a reality check, the cards are good, they are going to win this thing so get over it already!

now, tonight, its the big game pitcher, soup’s on vs. jeremy bonderman:

control freak righty vs. the power righty

where did the tigers get so many hard throwers from, they’ve got so many(verlander, bonderman, zumaya, rodney, etc.).

lets go soup, hopefully, kid reyes can go for the clincher manyana and bring the cards the world series.

LETS GO CARDS, we need two more big red W’s for the weezie company!

jimmy strokes a double in game 3 of 2006 W.S.

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