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Keith Law: cards public enemy #1

October 26, 2006

after last night’s game was called off by MLB, i tuned in to espn radio to see what was shaking and what the guys would say on gamenight about things in general.

what did i find there? keith law was one of the guest set to talk about the game and he did, specifically about the cards and how bad he thinks they are.

here are some of his direct quotes, and i’m not exagerating or paraphrasing:

“rain is god’s way of telling us he does’nt like this matchup either”

“nobody in america wanted the cardinals in the world series”

“the cardinals are a lousy team who got warm around october”

“the cardinals don’t really have a superstar,  they got talent(pujols, carpenter), bu no superstar personality(bonds, jeter)”

this guy is really pressing my buttons now. to top it off, he came on the morning grind this morning, and he was talking with tim mckernan and jimmy “the cat”. he got into it with the cat, while tim was more calm, and seemed to also be frustrated with law.

the guy also said in this interview: “even if the cardinals win the world series, they are a lousy team.”

some of the other things he said, lets see, the cards only have about 5 talented guys on this team out of 25.

are you kidding me, sure, we fans appreciate some players a lot more than others do.

he also really took every shot he could at weaver saying that he was horrible and he still is but right now he is getting lucky.

i dont know whats wrong with this guy, whatever the cards do right, he does not give them credit for it.

in him summary of game 2, he did not even mention the now famous pinetar incident, not even a mention. what the hell, this guy is nuts!

although, he did mention how good rogers was and how he dominated the cards lineup(even if he washed his hands, the umps did not really check him, he probably had pinetar in the bill of his cap, the back of his cap and some speculate that he had it behind his ear!).

thats it for today, i blew my steam and said what i had to say.

bottom line: law is a jackass that will not give credit to the cardinals when credit is due.

dont get me wrong, i critisized the cards plenty when they were going through rough stretches  but i gave them credit when they did good things on the field, not so for keith law.

oh yeah, i’m told there might be a baseball game tonight(it might still be cancelled though because it is still raining in the stl and the ill side, but hopefully they get this game in).

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  1. Vicki permalink
    October 27, 2006 5:15 pm

    “the cardinals don’t really have a superstar, they got talent(pujols, carpenter), bu no superstar personality(bonds, jeter)”

    I really wish I could get ahold of this guy and give him my .02 cents worth. Does he not understand the game of baseball at all? It’s a “team” sport. It’s not about having superstars (although I feel we have plenty of those too).

    I am so happy that each night we’ve won, there has been another cardinal player that is the “star” of the game. I loved seeing Aaron Miles & David Eckstein getting their licks in last night. Two guys that don’t fit the typical “mold” for an awesome player. I’d take these two over Barry Bonds because of their work ethic and ability to just go out an play the game, to be on my team.

    GO CARDS! We love them here in St. Louis. Too bad the rest of the world can’t give them the respect they deserve. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  2. October 27, 2006 5:19 pm

    yeah, i think this guy is either a cubs fan, astros fan, mets fan or padres fan. if not that, he just really dislikes the cards. if the cards “just fuck around and win this thing”, it would not matter anyway what he says because our cards would be world series champs!

  3. sleepyca permalink
    October 28, 2006 4:33 am

    Again, there is a reason he is a *former* employee of a major league baseball club. He isn’t very good at this whole “baseball analysis” thing, and if ESPN had actual editors who knew anything about baseball, he’d be playing a saxaphone in front of the ballpark instead of sitting in a press box.


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