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free agency looms

October 31, 2006

its that time of year again! 

so, the season is over, the cards are the champs, whats next?

its free agency of course, time for the hot stove league(for me at least because i just love this stuff).

i enjoy all the speculation and the movement of players during he offseason. when the season starts up again, its really cool to look up and see a player wearing a club’s uniform that you had never seen before.

so, who is a free agent to be and who is not(i might be missing some but bear with me hear):

jeff weaver, jeff suppan, jason marquis, mark mulder, jim edmonds(potential), so taguchi*, josh hancock*, randy flores*,anthony reyes*, scott spezio, ronnie belliard, junior spivey-, larry bigbie………..for rigt now, thats all the free agents i can think off.

* under team control and/or fairly cheap/easy to return.

– = good bye and dont let the door hit you on your way out.

starters-marquis is definitely gone and thank god, mulder is probably gone unless walt wants to bring him back a la matt morris with a cheap deal full of incentives.

now, the pickle, both weavs and soup will demand big bucks this offseason. i really dont see how you can keep both guys. weavs’ agent is scott boras, so dont know how far that can go, but he is the one the cards can afford(i’m thinking a 2 year deal with maybe an option for a third for about 5 mil. a year).

soup is not going to give a discount, nor should he. i’m guessing he wants to cash in because this might be his only chance at a big dollar contract. some team out there is going to over spend and give soup a 3 or 4 year deal worth some thing like: 3 yrs. and 30 mil or 4 years and 40 mil.

i think that is just absurd. i love soup, but i would not give him more than a three year deal for about 25 mill.(that is about 8 mil. a year) and maybe an option for a 4th year.

if you pay him more than that, think about this: what the heck are you going to pay cy carp because he only has one year left on his contract and if you pay soup 10 mil. how much are you going to pay carp, 12 or 13 mil.? that seems to be too much.

also, reyes is now a full time starter and wainwright should be too because izzy is still signed for one more year for about 9 or 10 mil.

here is my predicted rotation for next season:

cy carp, wainwright, reyes, mulder/narveson, weaver, ?????

oh by the way, i really like chris narveson. i think he should get a shot at the rotation.

the guy is better than jason marquis, he is left handed and he is a lot cheaper. so it can also count as a price cutting cost and addition by subtraction because narvi is already in the cards organization and marquis is gone(need i remind you he was just horrible this season).

thats it for today.

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