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Free agent Starters(righthanders)

November 1, 2006

the 2nd hammer! 

today, i’ll look at the crop of free agent starting pitchers, specifically, righthanders.

here is a list that i got from this site. 

starting pitcher/current team/throws/status/yrs. of service/agent/age

Tony Armas Jr. Washington Nationals RHSP FA 6.001 Diego Bentz 28
Pedro Astacio Washington Nationals RHSP FA 12.073 Steve Schnieder 36
Miguel Batista Arizona Diamondbacks RHSP FA 8.045 Martin Arburua 35
Adam Bernero Kansas City Royals RHSP MFA 3.15 29
Zach Day Washington Nationals RHSP FA 3.052 28
Ryan Drese Washington Nationals RHSP FA 3.087 Craig Landis 30
Adam Eaton Texas Rangers RHSP FA 5.125 Jim Lindell 28
Scott Erickson New York Yankees RHSP FA 15.031 38
Seth Etherton Kansas City Royals RHSP MFA 3.023 30
Rick Helling Milwaukee Brewers RHSP FA 8.035 35
Orlando Hernandez New York Mets RHSP FA 7.117 Greg Genske 37
Yusaku Iriki New York Mets RHSP FA 0 34
Jason Johnson Cincinnati Reds RHSP FA 7.14 Tommy Tanzer, Alan Nero 33
Brian Lawrence Washington Nationals RHSP FA 4.121 Page Odle 30
Colby Lewis Detroit Tigers RHSP MFA 3.032 Alan Nero 27
Jose Lima New York Mets RHSP MFA 9.149 Joe Klein 34
Greg Maddux Los Angeles Dodgers RHSP FA 19.021 Scott Boras 40
Jason Marquis St. Louis Cardinals RHSP FA 5.012 28
Joe Mays Cincinnati Reds RHSP MFA 6.157 Steve Hilliard, Joe Urbon 30
Gil Meche Seattle Mariners RHSP FA 5.029 Greg Landry 28
Brian Moehler Florida Marlins RHSP FA 8.01 Lonnie Cooper 34
Tomo Ohka Milwaukee Brewers RHSP FA 5.07 Jim Masteralexis 30
Russ Ortiz Baltimore Orioles RHSP FA 7.125 John Boggs, Tony Cabral 32
Vicente Padilla Texas Rangers RHSP FA 5.105 29
Chan Ho Park San Diego Padres RHSP FA 10.045 Scott Boras 33
Sidney Ponson New York Yankees RHSP FA 7.152 Barry Praver 29
Matt Roney Oakland Athletics RHSP MFA 1 26
Victor Santos Pittsburgh Pirates RHSP MFA 3.065 30
Jason Schmidt San Francisco Giants RHSP FA 10.063 Michael Moye, Scott Sanderson (previously Randy and Alan Hendricks) 33
Aaron Sele Los Angeles Dodgers RHSP FA 12.052 Adam Katz 36
John Thomson Atlanta Braves RHSP FA 8.061 Chris Arnold 33
Steve Trachsel New York Mets RHSP FA 12.017 Sam and Seth Levinson 36
Pete Walker Toronto Blue Jays RHSP MFA 3.126 37
John Wasdin Texas Rangers RHSP FA 7 34
Jeff Weaver St. Louis Cardinals RHSP FA 7 Scott Boras 30
Woody Williams San Diego Padres RHSP FA 12.143 Barry Meister 40
Paul Wilson Cincinnati Reds RHSP FA 8.008 Randy and Alan Hendricks 33
Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs RHSP FA 7.169 Pat Rooney, Greg Landry (SFX) 29

that list is pretty long and ideally, the cards would like to bring back weaver and suppan.

i think suppan is gone. i think he has a less than 25% chance of playing for the cards next year.

weaver is another story. i really think he wants to play in the stl, but his agent is boras so who knows. i give it a 50/50 shot that he will be wearing the birds on the bat next season.

there are a couple of guys that intrigue me on that list. they are: tomo ohka, john thomson, chen ho park and kerry wood.

i think ohka is an above average pitcher, i would say a 3rd or 4th starter on any staff. thomson is pretty good also, i would say he is suppan-like. chen ho park is average, probably a 5th starter.

now, kerry wood. he really intrigues me but not as a starter but as a reliever/setup guy, but i digress. i will talk about relievers later on, maybe next week.

also, if the cards dont have a 5th starter from within their organization(brad thompson, josh hancock, chris narveson) they can always just go and get a justin johnson or someone of that elk.

all these starters are fairly cheap, but there is one guy that is an absolute hammer that will get a lot of attention that i really want(but it is probably just a dream of mine that will not happen). the guy is……wait for it…… guessed it……….jason schmidt.

he would be the best option behind carp. the cards would have two aces to start the rotation, a 1A and a 1B. that would be just….phenomenal, but who knows, this might happen right? right? i hope there is at least a small chance that walt can land schmidt.

thats it for today……later this week, i’ll check out left handed starting pitchers.

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