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Free agent starters part II (lefties)

November 3, 2006


Name/current team/throws/status/yrs. of service/ agent/ age
Bruce Chen Baltimore Orioles LHSP FA 5.053 Scott Boras 29
Shawn Estes San Diego Padres LHSP FA 9.101 Dave Meier 33
Ted Lilly Toronto Blue Jays LHSP FA 5.102 30
Bobby Madritsch Kansas City Royals LHSP FA 1.075 30
Mark Mulder St. Louis Cardinals LHSP FA 5.167 Gregg Clifton 29
Mark Redman Kansas City Royals LHSP FA 6.041 Casey Close 32
Bobby Seay Detroit Tigers LHSP MFA 2.037 Scott Boras 28
Les Walrond Chicago Cubs LHSP MFA 0.017 29
Randy Wolf Philadelphia Phillies LHSP FA 6.115 30
Zito Oakland Athletics LHSP FA 5.072 Scott Boras 28

that is the list of free agent left handed starting pitchers from

as one would assume, there arent a lot of free agent lefties as usual, but this season’s crop is better and larger than usual.

a couple of guys are just out of the cards league like: barry zito and andy petitte(not listed above, dont know why). these guys are going to command a large chunk of change and i dont think the cards will dish it out.

i heard some projections of a zito contract at 5-6 years at 70 to 80 million dollars range.

that is just astronomical and personally i dont think he is worth that much. i would give it a thought if he threw hard like high to mid 90’s fastball, but not when he is a soft tossing lefty.

i know, you think i’m crazy. i think zito is a really really really good pitcher, but not a great pitcher.  i dont think he is an ace, but probably would be one of the best #2 starters(for any team that can afford him).

petitte is of the same elk as zito, but a little less talented and 6 years older. also, petitte, for one reason or another says that he is thinking about retiring. i dont know why, but the guy already has 3 rings and loads of dollars so, why not?

now, to our own lefties.

bring back mark mulder under these conditions:

  • he is healthy, and for real this time.
  • he signs a one year deal, possibly with an option with a very low salary base.
  • the deal that is agreed to should be incentive laden, the better he pitches/more innings, the more money he makes.

now, option number two, which i eluded to in my last post……chris narveson.

i have no idea why, but this kid intrigues the heck out of me, i say give him a shot and see what he’s got. we say what happened when wainwright was given a shot.

granted, wainwright is more talented, but you never know what you got with him if you dont try.

any other guy on that list would probably be a #4 or #5 starter on the cards staff. they are fairly cheap, so no need to break anything down.

thats it for today, be back next week to talk more hot stove league.

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