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Key for the Keystone:who’s at 2nd base?

November 7, 2006

nomar garciaparra rich aurilia

I’ve been thinking about who is going to play second base now for a week(what are you looking at? what am i supposed to do with my spare time when im not studying, daydream?).

here are the players on my wish list to play 2nd base for the cards next season:

  1. rich aurilia
  2. nomar garciaparra
  3. mark loretta
  4. adam kennedy
  5. ronnie belliard

as you might have guessed, my top two options are nomar and rich.

why? here is my reasoning. both are adequate to above average witht he glove at 2nd base which is a must because we know that the cards have many sinkerballers(ground ball pitchers) so the 2nd baseman can’t be a defensive liability.

both are adequate defensively, now what about the offense?

aurilia’s 2006 line-.300/23/70, garciaparra-.303/20/93

both guys are no bums, so both are very good offensively and would be a major improvement with regards to average, on base percentage, walks and power(especially homers).

the most intriguing thing is either one of these guys can bat in the 2 hole because they both have pop and we all know how much tony likes “damage” at the 2nd spot in the lineup.

i think either one of these guys would be perfect for the job.

a couple of cons: 1. both are in their mid-30’s or getting pretty close to it. 2. nomar has a history of being injury prone.

pros: 1. both would upgrade the 2nd base position significantly(from an offensive stand point). 2. any power hitter(i.e. duncan) that tony used to put in the 2 hole can be used more of an rbi guy(and more effenciently in my mind) down in the lineup (5th, 6th or 7th spot in the lineup).

i think there are positives than negatives with the addition of either aurilia or garciaparra. dont forget, these guys are pretty versatile; aurilia can play all of the infield positions and the corner outfield spots if need be. so can nomar, and he is particularly intriguing if duncan does not work out there.

the other guys i consider as second rate. loretta and kennedy are good hitters that are adequate defensively.

i like belliard but i did not see him do much with his bat while he was here, so i wont be said if he leaves.

i’m not going to go into how much these guys cost ‘cuase im not the gm, but i would expect nomar to get some good offers in the market, thats why i like aurilia better.

i think aurilia can be taken away from the reds because he wants to start full-time at one position. also, he only made around 2 mill. last season so i would not think that he would cost more than around 4 mill. to obtain.

now, the contract, i would not give any of these guys more than 2 years guaranteed with an team option for a third. all of them are in their early to mid-30’s and not deserving(again in my mind) of a guaranteed deal longer than 2 years.

thats it for today, be back later this week for more free agency talk.

check some probably false but fun to read rumors out at:

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  1. November 8, 2006 2:09 am

    Saw your comment on my blog, didn’t see your post or I would’ve tried to be more original! 😉 Great minds…Garciaparra can stay healthier playing 1st base, that’s where I see him playing for the rest of his career. I think Aurilia’s option is a sure thing to get picked up, he’ll likely play most of the SS time in Cincy. That’s just how I see it, but both are good players I wouldn’t mind seeing in Cardinal red.

  2. November 8, 2006 2:05 pm

    aurilia’s option was a player option(i think) and i read an artilcle on that he declined it and that he wants to test the market and see if there were any starting jobs available for him. so, i think the cards can get aurilia,and if they do he would be a great fit at second base. also, what about nomar playing left field, if the cards can find someone who will take encarnacion(trade partner)?

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