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free agency is upon us!

November 13, 2006

2004 nlcs, amazing grab! 

whats up people, remember me? yeah, could not post for a couple of days or so because of studying(school is the worst), and probably wont post much this week because i have 3 big tests.

now, free agency has officially started yesterday i believe.

the cards re-uped with the best centerfielder in cards history, jimmy edmonds to a two year deal worth about 19 million(with 3 million in differed money).

personally i like it, it does many good things. thats one less thing walt has to do this offseason. also, this bridges the gap between colby rasmus and the big leagues. he is projected to get to the show in 2009, after edmonds contract expires.

so, this seems to be a perfect fit because edmonds gets to retire as a cardinal and it would be a smooth transtion between centerfielders assuming that rasmus follows the projections set for him.

gonzo is said to be close to signing with the stl. i would think that is a good thing. to me, that means a trade is going to have to go down.

gonzo would be the regular left fielder for the cards, that means encarnacion and/or duncuan are going to have to get traded(i would think and hope so).

if walt can get a starting pitcher(a decent one, not a project for dunc), that would be fine with me. i would prefer to unload encarnacion simply because duncan has a lot of upside offensively and cant get any worse defensively, even if it means eating some of juan’s contract(please trade him walt).

i think soup and weavs are gone, too expensive. as other blogger have stated, i would like walt to pursue guys like meche, padilla, wolf, williams(woody) and others.

more news, wainwright will likely stay in the pen. i dont agree with this decision.

i would much rather have him become a starter because the bullpen seems fine and the real need is in the rotation.

i guess thats all i’ve got for today. i’ll try to let you know if any new info comes up or a signing/trade happens.

catch you on the flip side! (corny i know, but it works).


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