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cubs spend like crazy, cards not at all….

November 20, 2006


……among other things.

if you have not heard, the cubs are going to sign alfie soriano pending a physical to an 8 year deal worth around 136 million dollars. are you kidding me, how is this guy getting paid 17 million dollars a year after one great year of performance?

ok, soriano is 31 now and he is great offensively. he can swipe 40+ bases and hit 40+ homeruns a year. what happens when he turns 35-36 years old.

you might have noticed that he is a pretty lean/skinny guy. he does not seem to have much muscle mass/cushion.

also, this guy horrible defensively at any position; 2nd base and the outfield.

fast forward 4-5 years from now when there are still 3-4 years left in his contract. he cant hit 40 homers a year, say he hits 25-30. thats fine.

his stolen bases will at least get cut in half. career wise, he is a .275-ish hitter. that is going to decline.

did i mention he had an obp of around .330 last season(i think). what makes the cubs think he can perform at the same level for 8 freaking years. are you kidding me? here are his career stats.

and to top that off, i think they want him to play centerfield. hahaha!

the cubs have already spent 232 million dollars this offseason, and almost none of it on pitching, and specifically starting pitching which they need the most.

fine with me, if they want an offense and no pitching. i’m just really hoping that hendry will sign jason marquis and get it over with.

now, to the cards. they walt has not done much has he? he resign my boy jimmy baseball and the fan fave speezer. thats about it.

walt needs to get 3 starters, a 2nd baseman, a bench player or two and and offensive upgrade in the outfield.

he has done none so far.

for 2nd base, i was looking at the free agent list of keystoners and i saw jerry hairston jr. on there. i think he would be very intriguing. he would come fairly cheap considering he had a bad year last year and the cards always have the back up in aaron miles.

i’m still pretty high on rich aurilia, but word on the street is that the yankees really want him so he is out of the cards’ price range. so jerry is not too bad. he is only 30 years old anyway, younger than most 2nd baseman on the market.

the cards have talked to adam eaton’s agent and they seem interested in him. they are also interested in kip wells and  i would not mind seeing mark redman in a cards uniform.

the cards could give narvie a shot, which is what the great blog VEB talked about sunday(posted by erik of go crazy folks! and future redbirds).

if that happens, than that frees up some money to maybe sign a offensive upgrade for the outfield and/or 2nd base. that would be fine with me. besides, narveson is out of options anyway, so he will probably get a shot.

come on walt, sign someone already…..anyone(well not anyone, just a mid-level starter would be nice).

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