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Crown taken away from King Albert(bonus; kevin slaten rant included)

November 21, 2006

ryan howard, got the mvp pujols, robbed of another mvp

have you heard? i guess im a little late but ryan howard wins the mvp.

you know what i say to that?……bullshit, thats right, B.S.!

why did he win, will its the east coast/west coast bias thing again. also, albert did not really help himself out for the last month of the year.

as the great analysis at the great blog VEB shows(by the best cards blogger on the net, LBoros), pujols beat howard in 9 of the major 12 categories. WTF?

i guess the chicks are not the only ones that dig the long ball, so do the sports writers.

people say that howard got his team into the playoff race and that they almost made it to the playoffs.

well, i call that b.s. again, why? because almost does not count. would anyone be proud if they almost got a phone number of a really hot chick at the bar? no, i would not think so(at least i would not personally).

dont get me wrong, howard is a great player, and he deserves to be an mvp candidate but the voting was not even marginal. of the 32 votes, howard got 20 and pujols got 12. only 12!

this is more of a screw job than the cy young award.

at the end, i go back to saying, whateverrrrrr.

it really does not matter. pujols has a ring now and he already has an mvp trophy anyway.

one more thing, pujols is 10 times better defensively than howard.

by the way, did anyone hear slaten break the mvp race down on his show? that guy sounded like a complete imbasile. he made a total fool of himself. i mean, one day he says this stat is valid and another he says the only stats that matter are homeruns and rbis.

he actually said, and this a quote: “i would trade albert pujols for ryan howard straight up because howard is younger and more productive based on last years numbers.”

this guy made himself look like a complete idiot yesterday. when someone has a valid point to argue with him, he “turns him down…”(turns the volume down) and rambles like a maniac.

one more thing, “the king” also said that no one believes that pujols is as old as he says he is. why not, does anyone have any proof against it? this guy is a complete moron(or at least was yesterday).

i usually can tolerate him and find his show fairly entertaining, but not yesterday.

have a great thanksgiving everyone(and skanksgiving); im out, peace!


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