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Spending part II: ‘stros spend some big bucks….. cards not at all(again)

November 27, 2006

lee 100 mill. richer! woody is now an astro!

now, what did you guys think of this?

the astros have signed carlos lee and woody williams. lee signed a six year deal worth 100 million dollars. woody signed a two year deal worth 12.5 million dollars with an option for a third(i think).

i think the williams deal is a dumb deal, why would you give a 39-40 year old pitcher a two year deal? at best, he should get one year with an option.

now, the money was not that bad compared to the market for starting pitching is paying a lot more than that. since woody is from houston, he probably gave them a home town discount.

i dont see this move as an upgrade over clemens or petitte, just a filler move to just occupy a spot in the rotation. i’m happy for woody i guess, maybe because the cards can hit him hard.

now, the lee signing. i think this is a really bad signing. i mean, look at the guy! he should be switching to 1B/DH in another couple of years but they signed him to a 6 year deal. at least alfie is lean and will age somewhat gracefully. lee on the other hand will decline defensively very fast.

its not like he is a gold glover either, he is average at best know defensively. this also blocks one of houston’s best hitting prospects from coming up to the big leagues since he is limited defensively(hunter pence).

you have berkman at first base, were the heck are you going to put lee in 3 or 4 years?

if houston thinks they can hide lee’s bad defense (he is a liability) in a short left field, please see manny ramirez. he patrols left field for the red sox, with the green monster behind him and he still sucks.

sidenote: i’ve got finals in two week and i gots to study to get good grades, so light posting from now on. i throw something up when something happens, otherwise dont expect everyday posting for the next 3 weeks or so.

catch you latter!

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