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Hot Stove Update:Starters flying off free agency shelf

November 28, 2006

 comeon walt, lets sign some starters!

hey people, does anyone want to play a game of where is walt?

seriously, where the heck is walt jocketty?

lets break this down. here are the signings of starting pitchers that the cards might have had an interest in:

what the heck is going on here? seems like walt is just sitting on his hands right now.

i believe most of the decent starters left on the market will be gone by the end of the winter meetings, which are only a week or so away.

if the cards think they dont need to overspend this off season on starting pitching, they are dead wrong.

if walt waits too long, he might have to overpay for a starter that he does not want but just needs to sign to fill a spot in the rotation.

my thinking is: why not overpay for a guy that you actually want and think has potential than a guy you dont want but had to sign just because no one was left(any one remember the encarnacion signing)?

dont get me wrong, walt still has many free agent starters left to choose from. off of the top of my head, i can name a few: ohka, meche, lilly, wells(kip), redman, weaver(likely), suppan (unlikely), and a couple of other guys. better move fast walt.

by the end of the winter meetings, i believe walt needs to sign 2 starters to be in good shape for the rest of the offseason, if not the cards might be in trouble(unless the cards braintrust decides to change their minds and put wainwright in the rotation. in that case, one starter signing is fine because walt would only have one spot left to fill).

i still have not panicked yet, i am on the bubble and right now im very anxious because so far it does not look good. a couple of moves need to be made in the next week or so because there is a lot of work to do.

maybe walt is planning a super star signing(zito/schmidt) or a blockbuster trade(???), if that turns out to be the case that would be phenomenal, but probably not.

thats all i’ve got for today.

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