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Walt does a magic act: reappears and signs players

November 29, 2006

 adam kennedykip wellsG-Beneli marrero

as you might have heard by now, walt has landed a 2nd baseman and a starting pitcher for next season.

the are none other than adam kennedy and kip wells. i like both of these signings, especially moneywise.

kennedy is said to have signed a 3 year deal worth 10 million dollars. thats sounds pretty good considering that all rumor sights(including said he was looking for a 4 year deal and 20 million.

if you look at it, he basically got the same contract that david eckstien got.

kip wells signed a one year deal, and i dont know the dollar amount yet. i cant imagine it being more than 3 million and probably a maximum of 4 million. i heard walt on 1380 and he said it was full of incentives.

the wells signing is like the ponson signing a little. its a one year deal that is low risk and pretty cheap. that means the cards are still within shouting distance of zito and schmidt (if they want to sign them).

also, the cards reupped with catcher gary bennett (G-Ben) and i think that is great! i really like gary because he is familiar with the pitching staff and he murdered the cubs in two games(during his hot streak).

one more; the cards signed eli marrero to a minor league deal, and he will get an inventation to spring training to try and make the team (probably).

thats great. now all walt needs to do is get two more starting pitchers and tweek the team here and there and the team is set. also, walt was on with bernie and he said that so taguchi will probably be back next year since he is under club control(arbitration eligible) for one more year. they are trying to work things out now.

alright! now that makes me feel good. good job walt, now lets get to work on signing two more starters shall we!

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