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Izzy Man and the Big Plan

December 4, 2006

The Izzy Man adam wainwright

so, izzy says that he should be ready for the season. we will see about that.

i think that would be great though because i just cannot see izzy being a setup man for wainwright. he is getting paid too much money to be a setup man.

if he is not the closer here, then he should be traded because that is what he is paid to do. close.  he says that “everything is going according to plan” and “I’ll be ready”.

izzy, for the cards’ sake and for walt’s sake i hope you’ll be ready.

if izzy is plugged in back at closer, wainwright can be plugged in to the rotation which becomes that much more formidable than before.

carpenter, reyes, wainwright, wells, and ??????

that looks pretty good to me, but it really depends on who the cards sign to take the final spot in the rotation.

even with reyes and wainwright in the rotation (both will be going through their 2nd year in the majors) and their lack of experience (although they have had a season under their belts) i think this rotation is going to be a solid one if not spectacular even if a middle of the pack starter is signed (padilla, lilly, meche, etc.).

personally, i would plug wainwright into the rotation so that would leave one spot for walt to fill. now that we have that straightened away, i would try to sign a big name starter; schmidt or zito.

i would prefer schmidt because i dont think anyone will give him more than a 3 or 4 year deal. zito wants a 6 year deal and lots and lots of money which the cards are not going to give him. so now the objective is signing schmidt.

my first offer would be 3 years for 33 million then wait and see what he says. after that, if he declines i would go not higher than 3 years for 40 million with an option for a 4th year worth about 10 million (club option).

of course if this happens then the cards would have to be ready to buck up some major cash for carpenter which as off this moment he deserves. if you pay schmidt 10-13 million a year, carp at least deserves that if not 15 million a year.

so i dont know what the right move here, i guess that is why walt gets paid the big bucks to make the decision.

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