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Its a Festivus Miracle!

December 11, 2006


so, i cant say its a christmas miracle because bipolar bettie is not christian. hannukah is over, so i have gone the seinfeld route.

 as reported on mlb and many other sites, reportedly, joson marquis has agreed to a deal with the chicago cubs, its for 3 years and around 21 million dollars.

 this is quite amazing and hilarious. i can imagine him right now pitching on a windy day in wrigly when the cards are in town and serving up some meatballs to MVPujols, jimmy baseball, scotty and C-dunc. that would just be wonderful.

i read an article somewhere that says that marquis went to see the cubs’ pitching coach, i think his name is fairchild. the coach said that he had found some kinks and some mechanical problems with marquis that he has had for a while now. he also said that it might be a mental/confidence issue.

i’ll tell you this much, if the two best pitching coaches in the league, duncan and mazonne(spelling?), could not get through that rock hard skull of his, than no one will.

maybe he will have a decent year next year, but he will probably follow it up with one or two bad/horrible years.

example: 2004, he was good and maybe even very good. 2005, he was not very good at all, even bad. 2006, he was absolutely horrendous. that proves my point. here is his career line.

sidenote: sorry for the posting drought. please stay with me here. i have been studying for some major tests and have just entered finals weeks. i will not post for probably another week or so. should be back by next tuesday/wednesday.

also, cards have signed russ springer. this looks like a precursor of either a trade from a surplus of bullpen pitchers or moving wainwright or looper (gulp) into the rotation.

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