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Ank not inked, but miles is back

December 13, 2006


this is my last post during finals week(or week and a half) i promise you. i’ve just got done with my organic chem. lab final, so i’ve got about half an hour to kill before hitting the books again.

UPDATE:here is the list of nontenders from around the league.

 the cards have re-inked with aaron miles; the cards also let ankiel and sosa go. the deal is for one year and is worth 1 million dollars. that is a good thing because aaron showed us last year that he can play the position of shortstop adequately and he can play a good 2nd base.

this is just a small signing for the bench. in other news, R&R favorite, Ank or rick ankiel has been non-tendered along with jorge sosa, not a big surprise there.

now the cards can sign ankiel to a minor league deal and not have to put him through waivers(if no other mlb team wants him that is). i really would like see what this guy can do with a full season in the outfield while being 100% healthy or close to it. those 21 homers in the minors a couple of years ago really got me thinking that he might be a decent outfielder. i seriously hope the cards can get him back. on sosa, i really dont care; the guy is just bad.

ro-flo (randy flores) and the so man got offered contracts but a decision has still not been made to accept those deals by either of the two. i would like to see both of those guys back.

an intriguing player was non-tendered yesterday by the dodgers and his name is jayson werth. here is a quote from the article:

Werth, 27, missed the entire 2006 season with a wrist that underwent a second operation after the season. He was originally injured when struck by an A.J. Burnett fastball in the Spring Training opener of 2005. One of former general manager Paul DePodesta’s first acquisitions, Werth hit 16 home runs playing part-time in 2004, but there are few people in current management or staff that have much familiarity with him.”

i really like how this guy plays. i’ve seen him play a couple of times against the cards and he looked really good. he is above average defensively and is a really good hitter with potential to hit 30 homers a year. in 2004, he played only part time and hit 16 homers. i think the cards should take a flyer on this guy, i mean they’ve got nothing to loose, just give him a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. check out his stats here.

no average arm has been nontendered so far that i know of. maybe some will come later. only joel pineiro(spelling?), and i really dont like him. take to you on tuesday (probably)!

werth chasing a flyball at busch

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