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I’m Back!

December 19, 2006


hey everyone, its nice to get my full 9 hours of sleep again! finals are over and i cant be any happier.

now, let’s talk some baseball.

jayson werth, yeah he is off the market, why you ask? well, maybe because he just signed a deal with the phils, one year, and i dont know the money.

that idea is now  shot to hell. how is walt doing trying to sign another starter? not very good because they are still talking of converting B-Loop into a starter.

please tell me they are still kidding? can walt not find another starter, just an average one? just bring back weaver and put wainwright in the rotation and the cards will be fine. walt, dunc and tony; please get this idea of looper as a starter out of you heads.

i’m going back to bed, catch you on the flip side!

i need some sleep!

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