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Does Supp taste better with Miller lite?

December 25, 2006

supp goes to brew crew 

i guess we will find out next season because jeff suppan has signed to play in miller park for the brew crew.

finally, the suppan sweepstakes are over. its a 4 year deal worth 42 million dollars with an option for a fifth year.

good luck to supp as he goes back to his normal .500 average pitcher self. he had an unbelievable 3-year stay here in the stl and i dont think he will be that good with the brew crew obviously.

those 40 mill. are a nice christmas present for supp and his family. the team accomplished many things with supp on the team:

  1. all three years the cards made the playoffs
  2. two of the three years they got to the world series
  3. they won a world series title
  4. supp was the mvp of the 2006 nlcs (personal accomplishment that really helped out the team).

so, supp had some great accomplishments in a cards uniform and he just got paid for them. good luck supp, ’cause you might need it while facing: prince albert, jimmy baseball, scotty, d.lee, A.ramirez, alfie, jason bay, dunn, griffey jr., etc.

thats it for today, once again, Happy Holidays!

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