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Fearless Cards Predictions: 2007 edition

January 2, 2007

1. Jim edmonds will look a little bit like his old 2004 self as a hitter. He will bounce back from a bad offensive and an un-edmonds like defensive year and have a very good year hitting and fielding. I would he will hit at least 25 homers and drive in between 90-100 rbis.

2. Scott rolen will also hit like his old self. He did not hit for as much power as he usually does last year because of two major shoulder surgeries. The doctors said it would take scotty a full year for his shoulder to fully heal. I think he will be a better hitter last season because he found out that he cant hit homers like previous years, so he started hitting more line drives and to gaps. I would expect a lot of doubles from scotty in ‘07 and his power to be back (hitting around 30 homers).

3. Chris carpenter and albert pujols will do what they do best, which is dominate. What else do I need to say?

4. Adam wainwright will join the rotation because izzy will be healthy and ready to take back the closer position. I think izzy can still be an effective closer. I was down on him last season, but remember he was injured and did not say anything. Word is he will be ready to go by opening day. wainwright will join the rotation and walt will only have one spot to fill. I expect adam to be a good starter if not a very good one, let’s just say he should be solid in his first year as a starter if not spectacular.

5. Adam kennedy, like david Eckstein, will show that he is more than just an average 2nd baseman. He should florish here in the stl much like david Eckstein. Sports writers around the nation say that Eckstein is “scrappy” and an “overachiever”. I really don’t think so, I think he is a very talented player that happens to be on the small side. His scrappiness is just part of the full package, he is a solid shortstop that is clutch and I think adam kennedy will be the same; a solid 2nd baseman that will be clutch at times.

6. Walt will make a trade at the deadline because he has money to spend and a surplus of bullpen arms (that is, if he does not do it before opening day).

7. Rookie of the year- skip Schumacher, this is just a wild guess.

8. Surprise pitcher to make the team out of s.t.- chris narveson

9. Surprise hitter to make the team out of s.t.- rick ankiel or eli Marrero

10. How far will the cards go?- if they make the playoffs (which I’m assuming they will)…….drum roll please………..lose in nlcs in 6 or 7 games. That’s my gut feeling as of today, but it might and will change many times during the upcoming years so check back here for updates.

jimmy's back!

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