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Health Update: Jimmy Baseball & Izzy

January 8, 2007


jimmy has recently had surgery on the foot that was bothering him during the playoffs. that foot that he had to get a shot for before every game in the world series. he is expected to be about to play about 10 games in spring training if everything goes according to plan.

thats about right. if any of you have followed jimmy’s career, he never plays all of the s.t. games. he usually misses a week or two due to “ouchies” or some part of his body “barking” (tlr word). now, this thing is for real and i hope he will be ready for spring training. I got this info from, hat tip to t-mac at insidestl.

about izzy, word is he still should be ready to go by opening day. the mad hungarian was on the fan show last night and he said izzy is supposed to start throwing in the next week or so off of a mound. lets hope everthing goes well so adam wainwright can join the rotation. thats all the news i’ve got for today. i have not had much to post about recently, hopefully things start happening with the cards so i can post more often.

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