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Guestimating the cards 2007 stats: Hitting

January 9, 2007

since the 2007 cards zips projections are out for the cards, I figured I might as well give it a try and guestimate some numbers.

jeff at the 26th man also did some, so i’m feeling like a copy cat and will give you my projections today.

upfront, I would like to say that these projections are obviously biased; some will be very good other not so much.

here you go, read over them and have a good laugh: avg/hr./rbis

  1. eckstien: .295/4/44
  2. duncan: .275/29/81
  3. pujols: .344/51/145
  4. rolen: .313/31/120
  5. edmonds: .271/30/98
  6. encarnacion: .276/18/78
  7. kennedy: .288/5/55
  8. molina: .262/11/60

as you can see, most (or all) of these projections are optimistic. that’s how I am with statistical projections, very optimistic.

in this lineup, I’ve got nobody hitting below .270, and thats how it should be. i just hope this truely happens, but its a long stretch.

I’m going to need some time to come up with my guestimations for the pitchers, so that will come your way tomorrow.

who knows if I’ll come even close to the real stats?


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