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Muldoo and some pitching predictions

January 10, 2007


Ok, as promised yesterday, I will give you my pitching stats guestimations for the 2007 cardinals.

First, rumor has it that mark muldoo will make his decision on which team he will sign with. He has narrowed it down to 3 teams: the cards, the Indians and the rangers.

Rumor also has it that all three deals are worth about 18 million dollars and are 2 year deals.

If I was muldoo, I would pick the stl hands down. Why you ask? Well, if he ever wants another deal to pitch anywhere again, he better sign with the cards.

If mr. muldoo picks the rangers or Indians, he will be switching back to the american league. The league that has the dh and the catchers that can actually hit. So I think it would really be a bad idea for him to change leagues.

Now, to my predictions: W-L/ era / k / I.P.

Carpenter: 18-6/2.77/211/205

Reyes: 16-9/3.86/191/185

Wainwright: 15-10/3.95/185/180

Wells: 12-10/4.55/122/175

First half of season=Brad Thompson: 4-6/5.25/45/70

Second half of season=Mark Muldoo: 6-5/4.33/55/75

Well, those are my predictions; do with them what you will. As you can see (again), my predictions are very optimistic. I feel very good about Anthony reyes, I think the kid can be very good; as a matter of fact, I think he can be the #2 starter in this rotation. I also think that Adam will make a nice transition to the rotation and put up solid numbers during his first year as a starter.

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