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Cards snatch new flock of birds

January 11, 2007

mulderso, the cards resigned mr. muldoo as noted by many sites yesterday. in addition to resigning the lefty, they have also resigned one of The R&R’s favorite players. rick ankiel a.k.a. Ank. the cards also signed ryan franklin and jolbert cabrera. here is the link to all the signings. here is my breakdown:

mark mulder- i see this signing as a double edged sword, it can turn out to be really good or really bad. say he comes back in july and he looks great on the mound. he becomes a solid starter again and gives the cards a good lefty in a rotation that really needs one; that would be great. now he comes in and blow, will tlr and dunc have the guts to pull him out of the rotation? maybe they will do what they usually do, stick with him just because he is getting payed; just because he is a veteran and just because (in their minds) they’ve got no better option. so, he might turn into a left handed jason marquis which would just be a nightmare. part three: starting off the season, the 5th starter (whoever he is) is really bad and/or things are not going very well; will this signing give walt and tony the excuse that they do not need to make a major midseason deal just because mark will join the rotation at midseason. are they going to use this excuse over and over again to justify not doing anything at all before the end of july deadline? I hope not, but this remains to be seen.

ryan franklin 

ryan franklin: what is he most known for? oh yeah, getting suspended for 10 games because he tested positive for steroids. he is 34 years of age, he pitched for the mariners last season and then got traded to the reds. he started and and pitched in relief so he is versatile. “He went 6-7 with a 4.54 ERA in 2006, pitching 77 1/3 innings — all in relief. However, he’ll likely compete for a starting job with St. Louis, which has at least two open spots in its starting rotation. Franklin’s last season as a starter was 2005 with the Seattle Mariners, when he was 8-15 with a 5.10 ERA in 32 games (30 starts). “–info from

he is an intriguing 5th starter candidate. i would rather have him pitch than see looper or thompson on the mound struggling or maybe even embarassing themselves.

jolbert cabrera

jolbert cabrera: he recieved a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training. he is a former major leaguer that has played the last two seasons in japan(as far as i know). he has played 7 big leagues seasons with the indians the dodgers and the mariners. he is a right handed hitter and he has played every position in the majors except for pitcher and catcher. he is also 34 years of age. i dont really expect him to make the team but as tony says, the more competition the better and you never know.

Rick Ankiel, a.k.a. ANK

now, to one of my favorite players of all time, Ank. rick is 27 years old so he is relatively young. he is the pitcher turned hitter who was a lefthanded starter (and phenom) and then things fell apart. a couple of  spring trainings ago he decided to give up pitching and try his luck as an outfielder. he played for a whole season with some injuries, but still put up good numbers including 21 homers. he recieved a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training. Ank is my dark horse to make the cards 25 man roster at the end of s.t. if he can stay healthy (which is a big IF). I would rather have him on the team than johny load. he is younger and probably cheaper. in addition, rick has a cannon for an arm (former pitcher) and is probably not as much as a liability in the outfield as rodriguez is. he is more potential, more upside. j-rod has been with the club several years now and appears to be just a singles hitter. i think rick can be a lefthanded powerhitter off of the bench. maybe like john mabry but he can actually run.

Comeon Ank, I’ll be rooting hard for you to make the team. let the competition begin!

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