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On the offensive: The Leadoff Spot

January 17, 2007

Eck hits a grandslam against the braves 

leadoff spot-david eckstein

actual 2006 stats (avg./hr./rbi/sb)- .292/2/23/7

my prediction for 2006- .280/5/50/15

so, I was in the ball park. i guess i underestimated Eck last season. i think this season’s guess will be better. here is my 2007 predicted statline: .295/4/44/9

eckstein’s average last season was pretty good and i expect it to be around that this season so thats why i say he is going to hit .290ish. his power numbers were down last season, only 2 homers. I expect david to hit 4 to 5 homers since he averages about 4.5 homeruns a season throughout his 6 year major league career. his rbis were really low last season and that was because of a couple of reasons: a) the pitchers hit worst than usual–i mean they were really bad b) cards pinch hitters were terrible hitting for pitchers (at least that is what i remember), but i think that will improve this upcoming season, and c) yadier molina really took a step back offensively (during the regular season that is) so that did not help at all, he had a .274 obp and a .216 avg, yikes! I think david can drive in around 40 runs which means that i think molina will not be as bad as last season with the bat (cross your fingers). either later this week or next week, I’ll give you my take on the #2 spot in the lineup.

The So man is back, so taguchi signed a one year deal worth 925,000 dollars for 2007 with a mutual option for 2008. so the cards avoid going to arbitration with their last arbitration eligible player.

also, the cards new stadium, busch III, will host the 2009 all-star game. no big surprise there since every city that builds a new staduim/ballpark gets to host it within a handfull of years.

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