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The dream weaver or the nightmare?

January 19, 2007


so, whats it gonna be weavs?

recently jeff weaver had done an interview on kfns with kevin slaten and it was very informative. the fact that weaver did not join the cards for their trip to the white house does not mean that he does not want to be back.

the reason he said he did not go was because he had recently bought a new home and wanted to settle in, you know, unpack some stuff.

he said that he would like to come back and pitch in the stl and try to win another championship, but he wants commitment.

he does not want just a one year deal, he wants to stick with one team for a couple of years.

he also said that while with the angels, he tried to make too many changes to his pitching style and everything else and it went south from there. when he came over here, duncan did not change too much and built up confidence. he also said he felt like he was part of the team here and that he did not feel that way with the angels.

well, as we all know weaver was like night and day pitching in the regular season and the post season.

he had an awful year except September. then, when the post season started he just became a lights out pitcher.

so which one is he, the dream weaver of the post season or the nightmare of the regular season?

i say he is somewhere in the middle, that is if he stays with the stl and works with dave duncan. i think he can be a jeff suppan type of pitcher but with more potential since he is younger and has a little more “stuff”. he is also an innings eater which the cards desperately need because soup and bipolar bettie where innings eaters.

so, should the cards sign him or shouldnt they? i say yes but only at the right price.

I would not guarantee him more than two years, if he tries to push the envelope, add a club option to the contract. also, no more than 7 million a year.

hey, you have got to go up that high because thats where the market is. remember what the cubs gave marquis? 3 years and about 21 million, thats around 7 million a year. marquis was WORST than weaver, thats how bad baseball pitching contracts have gotten.

so, yeah, the cards should sign weaver, but only to a two year deal worth 14 million or so with an option for a third that would give him a raise of a couple of a million.

that’s my take on the weaver already. now, he needs to sign with somebody already and get this thing over with.

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  1. Stl Cardinal permalink
    January 19, 2007 6:29 pm

    Nice post. I agree, the cardinals shouldn’t sign him for more than 2 years and with an option for a 3rd. Sometimes pitchers get lucky and maybe he got lucky during the offseason. I think that he will do average this year and the cardinals should sign him.

  2. Stl Cardinal permalink
    January 19, 2007 6:31 pm

    Oh yeah, what’s this new theme that you have man. Go back to the old one, I liked it better. (this one is alright)

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