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On the offensive: the two hole

January 25, 2007


so, today the discussion on the R&R is about the #2 spot in the lineup.

personally, i would like to see what adam kennedy can do in that spot, but for now i would prefer to stick with chris duncan because of the great power that he provides.

we all know that tony likes to put “damage” in the two hole, but when does that extra pop become a bad thing; as in too much of a good thing.

i have started to think like tlr, but i think sometimes you can have a little too much damage. to me, if a guy hits 30+ homers and he is in the 2nd spot in the lineup it does not fair well for the #3 hitter.

we all know who the #3 hitter is dont we? oh yes, the great one, Mr. Pujols. why would you want your best hitter and arguably the best hitter in the mlb to come to bat with the bases empty? why would you want that to happen ever?

i like a some pop in front of albert but it can have a bad effect on albert because he will be walked many times because the bases are empty.

never the less, i’m willing to let tlr to keep duncan in the two hole for one more year (its not like i have much say anyway).

2006 stats (ab/avg/obp/slg/hr/rbi): 280/.293/.363/.589/22/43

I’m quit surprised by that stat line because it is higher than i expected. look at the number of homers and the number of rbis, those just dont correlate. that was because the bottom of the lineup was horrendous last season and eckstein was not there leading off for a while. even when he came back he was not himself. so, thta will have to change.

also, 22 homers in only 280 at bats, that is great. he will not keep that pace up.

here is my statline prediction for C-dunc for the 2007 season: .275/29/81 , thats all i’m going to say because trying to predict slg and obp is tricky. im going to stay away from them. looking at my prediction, you can guess that i think duncan will really have a nice season.

hopefully, in the 2008 season he will move out of the 2 hole and be hitting anywhere between the cleanup spot to the 7th spot in the lineup. i think as long as C-dunc keeps working hard, he has a great future in store for him in the major leagues and with the cards specifically.

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  1. January 27, 2007 6:37 am

    I rather like Duncan in the 2 hole. I’m still not convinced he’s a real, honest-to-goodness hitter, and putting him in front of Our Man goes a long way in hiding his shortcomings.

    Pitchers certainly don’t want to walk Duncan with Our Man on deck, but Duncan has enough of a batting eye to lay off the junk at the corners. And we all know Duncan can crush fastballs, so if a pitcher tries to sneak one by him, Duncan can make him pay.

    And don’t fret about Duncan taking Al’s RBI opportunities. We’re still scoring runs. It’s all good, dude.

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