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the weaver saga continues……

January 26, 2007


ken rosenthal is reporting the jeff weaver is close to signing a one year deal with the seattle mariners.

so much for stability weavs. jeff weaver is a hypocrite and i dont really care if he comes back to the stl. he would be a decent pitcher is he works with dave duncan, but if he goes to seattle we will never hear his name again.

he will not be very good over in the great state of washington. jeff is either a hypocrite or is listening to his bad agent scott boras or both.

just last week he came on kfns with kevin slaten (january 17th to be exact) and chatted about his contract situation. he said that it was not about the money, but about commitment.

so weavs, the mariners are really commiting to you long term is that what it is. the cards have reportedly offered a two year deal which is probably true but i guess weaver wants longer.

weavs; thanks for the helping the cards win their first world series in twenty four years, good bye and good luck in seattle.

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