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On the offensive: the third spot in the linup

January 29, 2007

albert looking like he is going to hit one out 

today my post will be short and sweet. why you ask? well, think about it. who do you think will hit in the three hole for the cards. thats right, the great one, prince albert.

let me give you my prediction for last season’s stats so you can see how accurate i was (or was not), so here is my 2006 prediction for A.P.: .335/50/133/15 , thats avg/hr/rbi/sb

here is albert’s real statline for the 2006 season: .331/49/137/7

pretty good guessing if i do say so myself. i hit the nail on the head in three out of four categories. the only thing i was off on were the stolen bases. thats o.k., it happens every now and then.

now, lets get to my 2007 predictions for Albert Pujols: .344/51/147

as you can see, i predict albert to turn it up a notch. i dont know, maybe its not fair to expect so much from albert. the more he gives us (cardinal nation), the more we want. almost every season he seems to become better and better offensively and defensively. we are watching a living legend playing ball in our own backyard and we better take the time to appreciate him because before we know it albert will be in the twilight of his career and we will be looking at the past as the “glory days”.

dont worry though because thats still ten or so odd years from now. hopefully albert will stay in a cardinals uniform throughout his baseball life.

by the way, albert turned 27 on january 16th, so happy birthday albert! i cant even believe it. the guy already has six major league seasons under his belt and is breaking records right and left and he is only twenty seven years old.

keep this in the back of your mind boys and girls; i’ve always heard that ball players dont hit their peak years until they get to around 30 years old of so. just imagine what pujols peak will be like; out of this word. i really hope he stays healthy long term so we can see what he can really do. i dont want his career to look like ken griffey jr.’s who is still a hall of fame player but he could have done a lot more if it was not for all of those injuries.

ok, my affection for albert pujols is done for today and most of it was just expressing my appreciation to have a guy like him and looking forward to what he has in store for us.

have a nice day boys and girls.

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  1. Mario Magana permalink
    January 30, 2007 4:46 am

    You are 100% correct about all you just wrote about the Great Albert Pujols. Since the first game he had as a Cardinal he has been a super star and a MVP candidate each and every year of his career. Every year he just gets better and better and he is only 27 years old! I really believe that he will break the home run record one day. He is a living legend!
    I also think that he got ripped off from the MVP award. But what ever he going to earn it next year any ways. Well im done, you read my mind of what you just wrote and thanks for all the things you said about my heroe The Great Albert Pujols.

  2. February 2, 2007 8:36 pm

    hey no problem! i wear my heart on my sleeve and i speak my mind. that was on my mind so i wrote it in a blog entry. i dont really care about the mvp that he did not win because he already has one and he got a world series title.

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