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On the offensive: the cleanup spot

January 30, 2007

scott rolen 

I’m going to assume that tony will bat scott rolen fourth for most of the season so let’s see what rolen might have in store for us this season.

last season’s prediction for 2006:

fully healed Rolen: .295/35/105/13
still aching Rolen: .280/28/90/7

as we all saw, rolen was not fully healthy. he wore down late in the season and his power stroke did not come back to normal. that was not a problem because i was smart enough to give two predictions and cover myself if scotty’s shoulder did not fully heal, which it did not.

here are his real 2006 stats: .296/22/95/7

so, my prediction for the still aching rolen was not half bad. i was in the ballpark. i nailed the stolen bases.

for this season, i think rolen is going to be a better hitter than before. why? because if his “power outage” last season, he learned to become a more complete hitter; that is, hitting to gaps and to all fields. in the long run, i think that will really help him.

2007 statline prediction for scott: .313/31/120/9

i think his shoulder will be back to full strength and he will find his power stroke.  those numbers look pretty similar to the 2004 mvp-like numbers. so, maybe im being a little too optimistic by its the end of january and i like to hope for the best.

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