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On the offensive: the fifth spot/hall of fame chatter

January 31, 2007

jimmy baseball 

so, today’s discussion will be about jim edmonds and what his stats will be like during the 2007 regular season. also, I’ll give you his career numbers and argue why #15 (my favorite player of all time) should be in the hall of fame.

so, lets get started; my old predictions for the 2006 season: .295/35/100/10

actual 2006 stats:.257/19/70/4

as you can see, i was way off. i expected jimmy to bounce back and be his old self again. it looks more and more like that will never happen. dont get me wrong, a declining jim edmonds is still better then most really good outfielders, but jim edmonds at his best is the best all around centerfielder in the game. now, i realize that jimmy will probably never get close to his 2004 numbers.

so, what are my predictions for him for the 2007 season?

2007 predicted statline: .271/30/98/5

now that looks more reasonable. granted i’m assuming jimmy baseball will be fully healthy going into this season which he should be. he did have surgery on his nonthrowing shoulder and on his foot. i hope he heals fully from both surgeries and is ready to go by opening day.

now, lets get to the fall of fame chat. here are jimmy’s career stats. he is a .289 career hitter with 350 homers and 1068 rbis. those are pretty good numbers, but not good enough to get into the hall of fame.

i think he needs to get to 400 career homers and 1200 career rbis to get in. if you do the easy math, he needs 50 more homers and 132 rbis to get to the plateau that i have set.

spread that out over a two year period (the length of his new contract) and that means he needs to at least hit 25 homers and drive in 66 runs to get there. i think that is very achievable. just remember that he hit 19 bombs and drove in 70; the guy was out for about two months with injuries and when he did play he played hurt.

defensively, there is no question that he is a hall of fame player. they guy has eight gold gloves and after his two year deal is over i think he will at least add one more gold glove. you can put together a highlight reel of all of his great catches and it would span a couple of hours if not more. so his defense is not the question, but his offensive stats need some improvement.

eventually, i think jimmy will get into the hall of fame and most defenitely wearing a cardinals hat. well, thats it for today.

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